About Bulkmatech Cape

We’ve earned our reputation of selling Balers through 38 years of dedication!

We have grown from strength to strength. What started as a small business has now grown into a large highly professional company, which specialises in selling balers. 100”s of machines operating all over South Africa and our neighbouring counties

Our Promise

We offer professional consultations for the design of commercial, residential and industrial waste management areas, refuse rooms and logistics. Eg: Hotels, Shopping Centres, Retail Stores, Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks, Material Recovery Facilities, Distribution Centres, etc.

Our Facilities

Our Staff

Production management and sales are handled from our head office in Cape Town, as well as all machine designs and modifications. We offer the latest in digital design technologies and have a fully equipped workshop/service centre to handle all our machine assembling.

Our expert team, led by founder member, Markus Dallenbach (Switzerland) & Roland Dallenbach (SA/Swiss) are passionate about professionalism and delivery. From the initial phases of design drawings and machine manufacturing through to staff management and client service, every aspect is handled professionally and thoroughly.