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Expert Balers, Waste Handling and Recycling Equipment for Efficient Waste Management

Bulkmatech, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a leading manufacturer of top-quality waste balers, waste compactors, shredders, sorting conveyors, baler feeding conveyors, material recovery facilities and ozone generators. Designed to streamline waste management processes & maximise rebates for your recyclable materials. With our innovative solutions and design concepts you can improve your waste handling efficiency, reduce your environmental impact, and save time and money. Explore our range of expert balers and recycling equipment today and discover how we can revolutionise your waste management.

Your Number One Supplier of

High-Grade Waste Handling Equipment

Waste balers & compactors are used in a multitude of industries, namely manufacturing, schools, retail outlets, shops & distribution centres, recycling facilities, mining and any other businesses that generate a large amount of waste.

Cost Effective

Baled recyclable materials receive a much higher revenue than loose recyclable materials. Transporting baled materials is far more efficient.

Volume Reduction

Significantly reducing the volume of waste materials maximises the storage capacity and therefore improves transport efficiencies and reducing cost.  

Healthier & Safer

Improved waste management results in a safer, more hygenic, more secure, more efficient work environment for your waste area.


Massive reduction in the carbon footprint. Such as “cradle-to-grave” operations including separation & destructions of products. 

Reduced Labour Time

As you are able to use a machine to structure your waste, labour time can be reduced in managing multiple waste streams and disposing of the rubbish with less handling.