Tyre Guillotines in Tivaouane
Unveiling the BG 1500 Tyre Guillotines in  Tivaouane - a paramount solution for tire recycling needs. Robust, efficient, and reliable, this machine is designed for tire disposal, processing up to 60 car tires per hour and capable of handling large truck tires with ease. Enhanced with an 80-ton 1500mm hydraulic cutting press, the BG 1500 can effortlessly cut through tires, reducing them to manageable pieces for further processing or disposal. Its solid construction ensures longevity and reliability, while its safety features, including an emergency stop button and protective casing, make it compliant with the highest industry standards. An eco-friendly option, the BG 1500 helps businesses to streamline operations, reduce waste and contribute to sustainability efforts. Easy to operate and maintain, this machine truly embodies an innovative solution for tire recycling, providing significant time and cost efficiencies to businesses. The BG 1500 Tyre Guillotine is your reliable partner in tire management and recycling.