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Ozone: A Strong Oxidant with Disinfectant Properties

Introduction Ozone is a gas that occurs naturally during thunderstorms and is generated through high-voltage electric discharge and UV radiation from the sun. Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can kill microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, mold, and germs. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ozone has gained increasing attention as a potential disinfectant for homes and offices.

What is Ozone? Ozone is a gas that is generated from splitting oxygen molecules into single oxygen atoms that react with existing oxygen molecules, forming ozone. Ozone has a fresh, sweet smell and can be found after a thunderstorm.

What Does Ozone Do? Ozone is a strong oxidant that can neutralize organic and inorganic materials, killing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, as well as viruses. Because it is non-selective, it can prevent the development of immunity or resistance to ozone. Ozone can also clean air and water more effectively than many chemicals.

Benefits: Ozone can deodorize a wide range of odors, including tobacco smoke, food, body, animal, plant, and garbage odors. It can also disinfect or sterilize microorganisms, control airborne micro-particles, and increase shelf life for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and cut flowers. Additionally, it can promote faster growth rates for plants and livestock by providing a cleaner, healthier environment.

How It Works Ozone is generated when oxygen atoms are subjected to an electrically excited krypton gas that simulates UV frequency from the sun. The oxygen atoms split, forming ozone, which reacts with organic molecules through oxidation.

The Problem Traditional odor removal methods may simply mask the odor with another fragrance or may utilize chemicals, such as oxidizers, that are difficult to use and may bleach surfaces.

The Solution Ozone is a highly efficient purification agent that destroys odors by releasing oxygen atoms to the odor substance, resulting in a structural change that destroys the odor-causing substance and creates a harmless byproduct. Ozone converts back to oxygen when it oxidizes a substance, leaving pure, fresh, healthy air.

Conclusion Ozone is a powerful oxidant with disinfectant properties that can kill microorganisms, control odors, and promote a cleaner, healthier environment. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, ozone has gained attention as a potential disinfectant for homes and offices.

Portable Ozone Generator Unit

This unit is a portable High output Corona Discharge ozone generator that generates 1000mg/hr of ozone. The generator is commonly used in the hotel industry for deodorizing hotel rooms with various problem odors such as tobacco, body, urine, perfume, and food odors. It is designed to destroy bad odors and airborne pathogens in a closed area.

The unit can be easily placed on an elevated position in the room and switched on. Treatment time varies depending on the size of the room and the type of odor, ranging from 5-30 minutes. Once the treatment is complete, the unit can be removed, and the room left to air out.

For smoke odors, one unit is recommended for every 78m3 of room space, operating for 5-30 minutes. For paint odors, one unit is recommended for every 78m3 of room space, operating for 25-30 minutes.

The generator is made of 304 stainless steel enclosure, has a corona cell life of 10 years at 9000 hours (1 year), and consumes 220 volts of power at 50 watts. The unit is compact and portable, weighing only 5kg.

Wall Mounted Ozone Generator Unit

The wall-mounted UV ozone generator is a powerful solution for eliminating bad odors and airborne pathogens. With a compact design and four different color options (Jet Black, Silver, Ice White, and Dark Brown), it is perfect for use in smoking lounges, bars, refuse rooms, hallways, sushi bars, and kitchens. Its efficient coverage area includes smoking rooms/bars, butcheries/kitchens, walk-in cold rooms, and refuse rooms. The ozone generator produces 250mg/hr of ozone and uses a UV lamp that has a lifespan of 9000 hours (1 year). It is energy-efficient, consuming 50 watts of power at 220 volts. The enclosure is made of power-coated electro-galvanized material and weighs just 2.9kg.

    Commercial Wall Mounted Ozone Generator Unit

    This 304 stainless steel wall-mounted commercial ozone generator has a high output of 1000mg/hr of ozone. It is ideal for small to medium-sized refuse or compactor rooms and is designed to purify the surrounding air by eliminating bad odors and airborne bacteria and pathogens.

    When used in a refuse room, one unit can effectively purify an area of 175 m3 when operating continually. The machine’s technical specifications include a UV lamp life of 9000 hours (1 year), a power consumption of 220 volts and 365 watts, a 340 stainless steel enclosure, and a weight of 7.2kg.

    Industrial Wall Mounted Ozone Generator Unit

    The Wall Mount Industrial is a powerful Corona Discharge ozone generator capable of producing 2000mg/hr of ozone. Encased in durable 304 stainless steel, it is designed for medium to large-sized unoccupied refuse or compactor rooms, as well as for ducted ozone application into Aircon ducting. With an 8mm Teflon hose, it pumps high concentrations of ozone to targeted sources of odors and bacteria. Additionally, it can be used for water purification and odor removal by ducting ozone into a water stream via the Venture system. Technical specifications include a corona cell life of 10 years at 9000 hours, power consumption of 220 volts at 365 watts, and a weight of 7.2kg.