Medical Waste Machines in Gabon
Our Medical Waste Machines in Gabon uphold the ECODAS standards. ECODAS offers an innovative solution to sterilise regulated medical waste (RMW) and reduce its volume by 80% with their fully automated system. Their patented process uses a combination of shredding and direct pressurised heated steam in one enclosed system to achieve complete sterilisation of infectious materials. The final treated waste is harmless, unrecognisable, and safe for disposal, just like ordinary municipal waste. The ECODAS system can handle a wide variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, human and animal blood specimens, sharps and pathological waste, cultures and stocks, and more. The system comes in several sizes, including T-100, T-150, T-300, T-1000, and T-2000, making it suitable for various healthcare providers such as private and public hospitals, laboratories, and off-site treatment centres.